Greater Hudson Heritage Network serves the museum and history communities in New York State as a catalyst to: advance professional standards and practices; build the capacity of organizations to meet their missions, and create a network of effective and professional stewards of regional history and culture - now and in the future. We envision communities that value the exploration and preservation of their heritage and culture, and are empowered to save it for and interpret it to future generations, through the leadership of museums and history organizations.

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8/11/20 UPDATE:  Due to novel coronavirus COVID-19, GHHN is providing extensions on the completion of 2019 NYSCA/GHHN CTG projects and final reports - now due October 31, 2020 for ALL awardees, no matter if you are applying for the 2020 round or not.


2019 Conservation Treatment Grant Awardees have a requirement to prepare a final report on the conservation paid for with your 2019 grant.  Please note, our final report submission process is paperless.

You must notify GHHN if you do not anticipate spending all your awarded funds. Unspent funds must be returned to GHHN. 

Though our process is now paperless, many of the components from the old final report still remain. Some parts of the final report will be filled out in fields in the portal, and other parts of the final report will now need to be uploaded as PDF files – the conservator’s treatment report, for example. Regardless of whether or not you will be filling in fields directly or uploading documents, we highly recommend that you compose your answers offline and copy/paste them into the online form so that you have your work backed up if there is a technical issue. Please note, questions with fillable fields will not accept formatting such as bulleted lists or boldface or italics. This formatting is allowable in PDF files that you upload.


Greater Hudson Heritage Network