Greater Hudson Heritage Network serves the museum and history communities in New York State as a catalyst to: advance professional standards and practices; build the capacity of organizations to meet their missions, and create a network of effective and professional stewards of regional history and culture - now and in the future. We envision communities that value the exploration and preservation of their heritage and culture, and are empowered to save it for and interpret it to future generations, through the leadership of museums and history organizations. To learn more about us, please click the 'Home' link at the bottom left.

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The NYSCA/GHHN CONSERVATION TREATMENT GRANT is an opportunity under the NYSCA/GHHN Conservation Grant Program partnership between the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) and Greater Hudson Heritage Network (GHHN) that provides funds for treatment procedures to aid in stabilizing and preserving objects held in collections of museums, historical, and cultural organizations in New York State. The work must be performed by, or under direct supervision of, a professional conservator. Additional funding from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation supports projects from Long Island and New York City.

Funding Priorities
The NYSCA/GHHN Conservation Treatment Grant Program embraces the widest spectrum of cultural expression and artistic pluralism and encourages organizations to demonstrate a holistic and comprehensive DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, and access) commitment. We believe the objects an organization choose to conserve tells a story of what is valued. Our funding priorities value objects and stories that tell a more inclusive narrative of New York State. Therefore:

  • The NYSCA/GHHN Conservation Treatment Grant Program will strongly encourage requests for support of objects involving historically marginalized and underrepresented communities.
  • For the purposes of this grant, historically marginalized and underrepresented communities may include: African American/Caribbean, Latino/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Native American/Indigenous; LGBTQIA and people with disabilities.
  • Additionally, objects that interpret the stories of New York State are strongly encouraged for conservation.

Eligible institutions of all sizes are welcome to request support from this state-wide program; those with small budgets are encouraged to apply. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have not yet received three consecutive treatment grants. If granted, funds from this program shall adhere to New York State Education Law Section 3.27, Rules of the Board of Regents regardless of whether the applicant is a museum or not. 

Before beginning application, please refer to application instructions and guidelines found here:

We highly recommend that you compose your answers offline and copy/paste them into the online form so that you have your work backed up if there is a technical issue.  

Greater Hudson Heritage Network’s Awards For Excellence program seeks to recognize and commend exceptional efforts among GHHN members. Awards are made to projects that exemplify creativity and professional vision resulting in a contribution to the preservation and interpretation of the historic scene, material culture and diversity of the region.   

Please read the guidelines and instructions carefully before submitting a nomination, as they have changed.  Incomplete nominations will not be judged. Decision of the Awards Committee is final.  

Awards will be presented at GHHN’s 2024 Annual Conference.

Questions? Any questions concerning the nomination process should be addressed to Priscilla Brendler, Executive Director at 914-592-6726 or e-mail ​ Any technical questions about Submittable or the online submission process should be addressed to Kerry Sclafani, Program Director at 914-582-3353 or e-mail   

Good Luck!        

2023 NYSCA/GHHN Conservation Treatment Grant Awardees have a requirement to prepare a final report on the conservation paid for with your 2023 grant.

The timeline for project completion and the final report for the 2023/24 grant year:

  • Grant periods: December 2, 2023 - October 1, 2024 (10-month period)
  • Final report is due July 15, 2024 if coming in with a 2024 application, otherwise Sept 30, 2024
  • You must notify GHHN by July 15, 2024 if you do not anticipate spending all your awarded funds. GHHN must receive any unspent funds by July 31, 2024.

If you have any question regarding the timing of your project or the final report, please call Priscilla Brendler, Executive Director at 914-592-6726.

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